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Pharmacy Law

Representation Through All Stages

Has the Board of Pharmacy filed accusations against you or your pharmacy? 

Have you been threatened with license revocation?

Have you received a citation? 

Our firm has the ability to represent you through all stages of the process, including trial ("the hearing before the OAH"), appealing a wrongful decision, and beyond if needed. Our firm has thorough experience in the following:

  • Citation in-office hearings at the BOP

  • Hearings/Trial at the OAH on accusations filed by the BOP

  • Pharmacy MSC Hearings 

  • Pharmacy Settlement Negotiations

  • Appeals to the Superior Court & Court of Appeals

  • Petitions for review at the Supreme Court of California 

We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with dealing with the FDA and BOP.  If you would like to defend yourself, your license or your pharmacy license and need vigorous representation, we are the firm for you. 

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