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Business & Corporate Litigation

Experienced in Business & Corporate Law

The Bauer Law Group has a wealth of experience handling various aspects of business litigation. Our attorneys are skilled in federal and state court as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Whether it is a contract dispute, a collection action or an enforcement issue, our clients are supported by attorneys who understand the business community and can help guide them through litigation.

Our full-service business litigation firm supports clients involved in a wide range of business litigation including:

  •   Partnership Disputes

  •   Non-disclosure and fraud in Business Transactions,

  •   Lost Corporate Opportunities

  •   Breach of Fiduciary Duty by Partner and Enforcement of Contractual Obligations

  •   Stop Notices

The Bauer Law Group are experienced litigators in the business litigation field. Knowing and understanding the duties and obligations of partners and members of an LLC is inherent in ensuring a successful outcome.